Stud Earrings: Read This Before You Buy

Diamond stud earrings are one of the most popular gifts anyone can give for a special occasion. Stud earrings always look great and are best suited when worn while attending a dinner or wedding party. Buying jewelry can sometimes be a daunting task, especially if you do not know the characteristics you need to look for in the type of earring you want to buy. Regardless, diamond studs are a versatile choice. They look simple yet very elegant and can easily be paired with several different ensembles.

These days, shopping for this type of jewelry is made even easier. The internet provides the greatest opportunity, as you can easily shop for them online, thus saving a lot of money for the same quality earrings sold in your local jewelry outlets or shops. Although various sites on the web may be dealing with diamond studs and other jewelries, it is important to know that not all jewelries and merchants are equal. This is one of the reasons why you need to know some useful tips before shopping for them.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings

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1. The size

There are various factors that determine the size of diamond earring you choose; for instance, your own individual style. Small diamond earring can easily be paired and look amazing with daytime outfits and on the other hand, the larger ones commonly look more appropriate with evening outfits and dressier apparel. Diamond size is determined by the carat weight and the carat is basically the gemstone’s weight measurement. It is also important to know that the overall carat weight for a single pair of diamond earrings includes all diamonds in that jewelry.

2. Shape and style (various types available)

Since diamonds are cut into different shapes, it is important to know your most preferred cut or that best suited to you. You should always consider the style and/or shape of the studs you want to buy, regardless of the size of diamonds. For instance, the round diamond is the most common cut for diamond studs that contains 58 facets. It also reflects the sparkle of all cuts. Apart from round diamonds, Asscher, princess, and emerald are also other types of diamond cuts that you may find interesting. The princess type looks excellent on women with broader faces while the round type complements women with narrow faces. It is ideally good if you choose the type based on the tone of your skin, with platinum or gold enhancing the appearance of people with a cool skin tone.

3. The quality

Diamonds are generally graded using a formula of four Cs: Carat, cut, color and clarity. Almost all diamond jewelries are basically prized using an alphabetical scale rates and the quality of their color. They are categorized into different categories based on the quality of their color. Starting from the most noticeable to the most colorless these categories may include L – R for noticeable color, J – K for faint-color, G – I for almost colorless and D – F for colorless diamonds. Clarity is used to grade the diamonds based on the flaws it has. Some diamonds are flawless or have very few flaws that are only visible with the aid of a microscope. However, most of these stones have several flaws, which are noticeable with naked eyes without the need for a magnification.

4. The price range/cost

Various diamond studs vary in their prices. Diamonds that are large in size, colorless, and without flaws are very expensive and hardly found in many shops. Therefore, when shopping for earrings of this type, it will be ideal if you decide the best combination of quality factors that will eventually provide you with the earrings that worth your money. For instance, you can find the best and the perfect fit in a relatively smaller diamond with higher color rating if larger diamond earrings within your price range do not have a color that you are looking for.

5. The origin

If you are conscientious shopper, it is necessary and worthwhile to know the origin of the diamonds you prefer to buy. Several retailers whether online of offline should provide guarantees that the type of diamonds you buy are not affiliated with harmful or illegal mining practices prohibited in other countries. Taking your time to find the origin of the diamond will ensure you that you will eventually end up with a beautiful and most astonishing pair of earrings. Knowing the origin of the stone will also bring peace of mind, too.

6. Choice of settings

It is possible to find several retailers selling stud earrings in several different settings, but some appear to be much better compared to others. For instance, a crown setting seems to be much better than a diamond setting, giving it the hanging look. Martini or three-prong pave, six-prong coronets or four-prong basket are the best and look beautiful as well. The wide selection gives every wedding bride an opportunity to make a choice for her special day.

7. Preview the diamond studs

It is true that most online shoppers are always concerned about when shopping online is previewing the product itself before buying. It is clear that you cannot physically hold any product online until is delivered at your door. However, some internet merchants have three dimensional images of almost of not all of their products they sell through the internet. If you click on any of these products, they rotate allowing you to view them just like the way you do at your local jewelry shop.

Bottom line

Stud Earrings

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It is good to know that some online merchants or retailers are generally trying to capitalize on the marketplace, failing to deliver the best quality products. It is important to deal with a professional and experienced jeweler who understands jewelry, knows how to stock his/her own inventory as well as who gives generous insurance, return and shipping policies. Never buy any jewelry from a website or shop (piercing shop), which is not secured or reliable.  It is true stud earrings making all people especially women feel good and look beautiful as well, giving clarity and brilliance just much better than anything else. Although its commonly known that women love diamonds, these type of earring is also a common earring for men.  Lastly, whether the purpose of your purchase is for wedding, engagement, anniversary or birthday, this gift will always leave great memories to her since it is actually a warm expression of great love!


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