A Guide to Spider Bite Piercing

Spider bite piercing, like snake bite piercing, is a type of body piercing that not many can pull off easily. However, the fact that you landed on this article looking for tips and advice on it shows that you have what it takes to flaunt such body art. This is one of those unique piercings that does not conform to traditionally done body piercings commonly seen these days.

More commonly known as a double lip piercing due to the fact that it involves two piercings, this piercing is drawn up in the design that a spider bite will cause on the skin. This is either done on the lower or the upper lip with lower lip piercing being more common than the upper lip piercing. Also, instead of placing rings in the piercings, people prefer using studs for convenience and enhanced look of a spider bite. The jewelry used in piercing the lip is termed as “labret” primarily because of the fact that it is being attached to the lip or the “labrum.” There have been instances where people have used two rings or studs on both sides of their lips. Most people prefer same side of the lip as this is considered to appear an authentic spider bite.

How to care for a spider bite piercing:

Spider Bite Piercing

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A lot of you who are new to the world of body piercings would find such a process painful. The fact remains that any body piercing hurts, as it is a wound in your body. However, with proper care of the wound, you can minimize the pain and deal with it effectively.

One way to minimize pain and reduce its longevity is to get the second piercing done after some time passes. If both of them are done at the same time, the healing process may take longer than usual. It is recommended to allow one piercing to heal before you go for the second one. This will also depend on the healing power of an individual to a very large extent. People with good healing capacity need to wait for lesser time compared to others who may have to make the gap a little longer.

Here are some tips that you need to follow to effectively avoid any post piercing complications:

1. Do not smoke or drink alcohol.

Since your site of piercing is the lip itself, alcohol or smoke contact will inflame the wound and make matters worse, possibly causing pain.

2. Eat frozen foods like ice and yogurt.

Consuming frozen foods such as ice creams or frozen yogurt will speed up the healing process.

3. Do not touch the piercing when it is raw.

With the piercing being in such an accessible place, you will be tempted to touch it very often. This should be strictly avoided as it causes infection in the wound. If you feel the need to touch the wound, sanitize your hands properly before touching.

4. Eat mild foods and avoid ones that are too spicy.

Spicy food will hurt your lip and may cause infection in the wound.

5. Do not use public pools and baths for sometime after the piercing.

Such places are known to have more concentration of germs and can thus cause infection at the site of piercing.

6. Have Vitamin B supplements before getting a piercing done.

Vitamin B is known to raise the rate of cell metabolism. This keeps the body healthy and in a better state of preparedness for the wound that piercing will cause.

7. Do not change the piercing on your own.

It is recommended not to disturb the piercing without consulting your doctor and jeweler. Make sure only expert hands take out the ring or the stud to avoid any complication.

Size and Style of a spider bite piercing:

Spider Bite Piercing

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The size of the labret that you go for also matters a lot as far as healing is concerned. Apart from this, it is also a matter of style since not every face will suit the same sized labret. It is also important to use the right size labret since an oversized one can cause gum damage.

With black titanium body jewelry, your spider bite gets a dark and serious look while brightly colored ones make you stand out in crowd making you appear psychedelic at times. You stand a huge chance of discovering your style with the wide range of colors and styles of labrets that are available in the market these days.

Cost of a spider bite piercing:

The exact price cannot be mentioned as it is a function of a number of factors such as the place where you get it done, the taxes applicable at that place, aftercare inclusion, etc. What stands out as a fact is that more experienced the piercing artist is, the more you will be charged. You may have to shell out approximately $25 to $45 at a decent parlor. With aftercare included in the piercing cost, this figure may rise higher.

Equipped with this knowledge of a spider bite piercing, you are certainly going to have a joy ride getting one done on yourself. A thorough survey of the market surely helps in making in informed and wise decision in such cases. It is also beneficial to go to a place recommended by someone who has gotten such a piercing done from that place as he or she can give you the best idea of all the pros and cons. So why the delay? It’s time to search for an experienced artist in your town and get your ultimate style statement.


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