Snake Bite Piercing Guide

It’s important to be resolute when making the decision to get a professional piercing. Note that you can’t reverse the process once it has been done. Though it may be painful since two sections of the lower lip are poked at once, there are healthy anesthesia drugs that can be used to reduce aching. Over the last several years, Snake Bite Piercing fashion has gained popularity, especially amongst young city dwellers.

What are Snake Bites Piercings?

Snake bite piercing

It refers to a unique form of lip pricking, involving binary puncturing of the lower lip so that it looks like a mark that’s left behind after being bitten by a reptile. There are various kinds of jewelry that may be placed on the lip after it has been punctured. Nevertheless, the most popular are CBRs and labret studs.

Being the most recent fad amongst youths, it particularly owes its reputation to an exclusive look that represents snake fangs, which people gets after inking the tattoo in place. The technique involves a special kind of puncturing which goes beneath the lip, and they are symmetrical to each other. The bearer may insert rings or studs right into his lip and then back out. There are various safety measures that should be considered before commencing with the process.

Why Snake Bite Piercing is Good

In today’s dynamic world of fashion, the youth are going to great lengths to stand out from the crowd. While some youngsters prefer using tattoos or body piercing techniques, they are nowadays becoming too common, thus the need for facial piercings, which is new and dynamic. This type of piercing emanated from native African and Aboriginal tribes of Australia. Before pricking your lips, conduct some research on the risks involved and have a broader perspective of the process involved, this will help you prepare well in advance.

What’s more, the piercing has both oral and external effects, therefore participants have two types of aftercare tips to use for keeping the area clean and sanitized. Since they’re adjacent to the mouth, taking food may be difficult for quite a few days. Speech can also be a little bit jumbled due to swollen lips. You should also avoid all yeast based products, especially beer.

It takes around 6-10 weeks for the piercing to completely heal. Infections rarely occur at this time since our mouths have natural bacterial fighting properties. But that doesn’t mean proper care of the affected part should be ignored. Some symptoms that may show after pricking include redness, swelling, tenderness, mild bleeding and scabbing. But they usually disappear after a few days.

A Few Facts about Snake Bite Piercings

Just like other types of piercings (such as microdermal piercing and Monroe piercing), this process follows detailed steps when pricking through one’s skin. To reduce the odds of getting infected or any other adverse occurrences, patients need to seek the services of professional tattooists who have respectable piercing shops. Inquire more about the cost of getting a piercing within your area. Also consider experts who can offer you quality service at an affordable budget. When going for a piercing, the first step your professional would take is cleaning up the lips to avoid infection. He may apply some mild antiseptic ointment for this purpose. The expert would then mark all spots where you want to place some fine jewelry.

Generally, the person uses a special clamp for holding the skin in position, but the lip should never be held in a taut position since this can cause pain. After placing the clamp device on your lower lip, the expert will place a tiny, hollow needle into it for the purpose of threading up the jewelry. The needle that’s popularly used in this regard is about 2 inches in length, but half the width of a toothpick. The whole process takes an average of 10 min.

Aftercare tips

Patients should take good care of their piercing to prevent any undesirable outcomes. For instance, common activities like smoking, eating or drinking water must be avoided 3-4 hrs after the piercing. Also don’t take alcohol, drugs, or tobacco until the wounds heal completely. These items have special properties that may interfere with one’s capacity to heal after an injury. Never touch the pricked lips using unwashed hands since this can cause infection. Instead, clean the area with a mild saline solution twice a day. Use a decent, good quality bristled toothbrush for cleaning your teeth. Remember to keep them clean at all times, also, rinse the mouth using mild mouthwash after taking food.

It would also be appropriate to use an antibacterial throat lozenge to further prevent infection and inflammation. The tablets can be used for 15 days immediately after getting your piercing. Nevertheless, if pain emanating from the pricking seems intolerable, it’s advisable to take some non-prescription drugs like Ibuprofen for relieving the pain.

Patients should also try their best to aid the body in hastening healing. It’s assumed that vitamin B and zinc can boost the body’s natural recovery process. Therefore, ask a medic if it’s possible to take special supplements that contain these substances. Include cold foods like ice cream and frozen yogurt in your meal plans. After cleaning the wound, try drying it up using simple disposable tissues. Follow a comprehensive healthy diet plan to reinforce the immune system. This will help quicken the healing process of the pierced part.

Snake Bite Piercing fashion may include unique labret studs, and users need to determine how they want to adorn their lip ornaments after the initial piercing. You need to identify an experienced piercer who will line up the holes appropriately. If one appears to be higher or off center compared to the other, then it may look terrible. The specialist may put some dots on your skin and give you a mirror to assess their positions on your lip. Carefully look at them and choose the pair that falls in a straight line.


After the lip jewelry is placed, don’t play around with it since this can damage your teeth or gums. Also avoid chewing on gums as it slows down the healing process. If possible, refrain from swimming, given that chlorine and various other chemicals found inside the water may trigger infections. To further aid in the Snake Bite Piercing healing course, rub some lavender oil on the affected part to reduce tenderness.

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