How to Find the Perfect Rook Earrings that even your Mom would Approve?

I love rook earrings, don’t you? But for whatever reason it’s the type of piercing that’s a hard sell with the family. Even with body piercings and tattoos becoming somewhat more socially accepted, many moms and dads just don’t seem to buy into the idea of the rook. That is until you learn these tips. Keep these things in mind and you will be able to find the perfect rook earrings even your mom would approve of. We figured them out the hard way so you wouldn’t have to!

Rook Earrings 101

What’s a rook? Let me get you caught up to speed. The rook earring is a cartilage earring that’s located slightly above the tragus on the hard ridge between your ear’s inner and outer conch. If this sounds confusing and you’ve never see one just take a look at a few photos of rook piercings. They really look awesome on most people and are getting more popular all the time.

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With that behind us, let’s dig into getting the rook without getting your driven crazy in the process.

* Choose Your Piercer Well.

Okay, this is a step to take before you even start wondering about what style of rook to wear. Don’t skip it though. The last thing you want is to get a piercing that may be a bit much for mom and then have it get infected on top of everything else. This is unwanted drama of the worst kind. So go to a trusted professional with a good reputation; just ask around your area for a good piercing shop. If for some crazy reason you decide to try it yourself, which is probably a bad idea, pay extra special attention to hygiene. Getting your rook done in a way that will heal nicely and quickly will make it MUCH less of a hard sell to the family.

* Be Smart about Your After Care.

This really comes hand in hand with choosing your piercer well. Use both salt water and anti-bacterial soup to keep your rook piercing clean and healing the way it should be. Again, an infected ear will definitely turn off your family to the rook or any other piercing. You would probably be shocked at how many people skip this tip and come to regret it later!

* At First Pick an Earring with a Lower Visual Profile.

Our strategy here is to ease the family into accepting the fact you have had your rook pierced. This means hold off on the flashier and higher profile rook earrings. Now there’s still a great many to choose from, but my advice is to go with a small curved barbell. This seems to be the least inflammatory when it comes to family reactions, in my experience at least. Now I can’t guarantee it won’t get any reaction at all, but I’ll bet it will get less of a reaction than other choices. Once mom is comfortable with the piercing in a few weeks or a month you can go wilder, if you like.

* Shop at a Body Jewelry Store with Lots of Cool Options.

You know what’s most and least likely to offend your family. Make your rook earring purchase somewhere that can give you plenty of choices to pick from. This means you can select a piece of jewelry which is something that you want to wear and that may win over the family too. We’re in a great time for body piercing where there’s great jewelry being made and great shops selling them. Take advantage of that fact! And if you can find a jewelry store near you, you can also try some piercing shops in your area.

* Ask Mom for her Input.

A possibly dangerous proposal; but if asking mom for her input is an option, why not try it? Take mom along when you get your piercing done and also invite her opinion when you are choosing your rook earrings! Now this may sound crazy at first, but ask around enough and you will find many people have had families who hated piercings, but now are pretty enthusiastic about them. Who knows you may be end up going with your mom to show support when she gets her rook pierced one day! Crazier things have happened, that’s for sure.

Now you’re Ready for the Rook

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Now you’re prepared to get rook earrings that will even win mom over. Attitude is everything, so keep a smile and get to work. Not only are you going to look awesome, but chances are your family will be full of smiles too! Good luck and thanks for reading.

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