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Nose rings are seen as a fashion statement that have been popularized by silver screen icons and rock stars. These rings are gaining a lot of popularity in recent times and have become an acceptable form of body jewelry. It is no longer a piercing only appropriate for rebellious punk rockers. With its increasing popularity, nose piercings have indeed expanded beyond the realm of orthodox nostril piercings. Earlier, the rings were only adopted by a small minority, but now everything has changed. Wearing nose rings has spread into every corner of society and it is becoming more socially acceptable with the passage of time.

Why Should You Wear a Nose Ring?

Nose Ring

Nose rings are now socially acceptable and becoming more mainstream with each passing day. Nose rings can definitely add to your beauty, as opposed to the grungy expression defined during the punk era. Large numbers of people in public are sporting them, and the target audience has increased three times in recent years. They are especially popular with women now. It is an inexpensive, easy, and fun way to express yourself in front of others.

Caring For Your New Nose Ring

You should take proper care of your new nose ring once the piercing is done. While the initial piercing causes some pain, the real challenge comes afterwards. You should know that improperly cared for nose piercings can bring a high risk of infection and can have serious complications. That is why it is important that you take proper care of your new nose ring. Some important tips on how to do so are discussed below:

1. Once the piercing is done, avoid touching the affected area and allow the hole to heal as quickly as possible. Excess touching will make it sore, postpone the healing process, and cause an undue amount of skin and tissue irritation.

2. You should never take out the ring until the piercing has healed completely. If you remove the ring after a short period of time, the hole will close permanently. You should get into the habit of sleeping on your back to avoid the ring getting caught in the pillow.

3. You should be extremely careful when you are drying your face with a towel. Keep the ring clean and wash the pierced area with a special soap designed for this purpose. Don’t rub it with alcohol because it will cause skin irritation.

Different Types of Nose Rings

If you are thinking about getting your nose pierced, there are a lot of options available. Some of the different types of rings are discussed below:

1. Captive Bead Rings:

These are the most common and one of the most preferred choices. It has a metal ring with a single bead. It is a nice look, and is very secure so it won’t fall off your nose. If you wish to get it removed, you will need some expert help and a visit to a piercing shop.

2. Seamless Nose Rings:

This ring has a smooth piece of metal all across the body, and they are very popular among the youth. You should know that you cannot wear this ring type when your nose is freshly pierced. You can wear it once the piercing has healed completely, though.

3. Barbells:

This is another type that you can find many people wearing. The barbell can be curved or straight, and it looks more or less like the captive bead rings. The only difference is that it does not feature a full circle. It fits right into the piercing.

User Reviews of People Wearing Nose Rings

“I am wearing a stainless steel micro nose ring twister, and I love this nose stud very much. It is very comfortable, and the micro size fits in perfectly. It is by far the best nose ring that I have purchased lately and I have bought 2 of these.” – Margaret Wilson

“I have a rhinestone stainless steel nose ring and I have been wearing it for the past year and I really love it. The only downside is that people with a big nose should wear it or it will stick out. I have just cut mine and it’s absolutely fine with me.” – Juliet Pieterson

Nose Ring Basics You Should Know About

Nose piercing is developing more and more style with the passage of time. Nose rings are actually like trendy clothes. Once someone gets the piercing, every other friend wants to do the same. The demand of these rings has increased, especially among teenagers. There are a variety of styles and designs available, and you should choose the one you are most comfortable with. In addition to different colors, the rings are also available in titanium, surgical steel,  14K gold or 24K plated gold. You will have to wait for at least 4 months after the piercing before the nose is healed so that you can take out the ring and replace it with another design.

Nose Rings: Best Fashion Style Statement

In the past, people with nose rings were looked upon as either unintelligent or a problem child, but now the outlook has changed, and there does not seem to be a problem with a person wearing fashionable rings on their nose. After so many years of being available in the world, nose rings are developing more and more style with every passing day. Nothing is more elegant and chic than wearing a nose ring, and it definitely adds elegance to a beautiful face. It is the best fashion style statement because it goes great with other jewelry like diamond stud earrings. You should definitely get your nose pierced and flaunt your looks with trendy nose rings. If you want to look more radical, try and get a double nose piercing.

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