Nose Ring: How to Take Good Care of It

What does Indian Goddess Lakshmi have in common with Christina Aguilera? Both of these beauties boast a nose ring. Considered smart and cool, nose and body piercings are often linked with bold fashion statements in the western world. However they are an integral part of the tradition of eastern counties and are quite commonplace in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Arabia and Middle Eastern countries. With body piercing gaining a raging momentum among the young and old alike, people are going in for various kinds of nose piercings: Nasal septum piercing, nostril piercing, and bridge piercing.

If you are considering including this adornment in your life, remember that piercings require responsibility. Given below are some important guidelines to help you take care of your nose ring and ensure a fast healing process.

The Correct Method for Getting Yourself a Nose Ring

Nose Ring

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While a lot of people have their nose pierced with the help of an ordinary ear piercing gun, it’s not the right way to do it. Apart from increasing the chances of suffering from an infection, the process may be a little painful, too. A good and safe way of going about the act is by using a sterile needle. It causes just a sharp, short pain but guarantees an exact placement of your nose piercing.

Preparing for your first nose piercing—the right way

Before you decide to go in for a piercing, make sure that it is compatible with the dress code of the place where you study or work. Keep in mind that you will not be able to take out your nose ring until it is completely healed, as the act will lead to the closure of your piercing and prolong the process of healing. Instead of giving in to the temptation of rushing to the nearest piercing shop to get your piercing done, you may consider visiting a clinic where a reliable anesthetic and piercing expert will promise a job that is done well.

Care for Your Nose Piercing

Wash your Hands

With your nose piercing in place, you can say “goodbye” to dirty hands or embedded dirt under your nails. The highest levels of hygiene are a must for safe and quick healing. So, before touching your nose piercing site or doing anything to it, wash your hands thoroughly. Use a mild hand cleanser or sanitizer if required.

Clean the Piercing

You need to clean your piercing at least twice a day. Use cotton buds and a good saline solution to remove any solid formations or dirt from the site.

Resist from Playing with Nose Rings

You do not want any infection at the site of your piercing, do you? So, steer clear of turning around your jewelry or playing with it. Any form of contamination may prolong the healing process and make the site more painful.

Take care of any makeup

You have to be extra careful with your makeup. Fresh piercings should not be covered with a toner or powdered in any way. Use lotions, make-up removers and tonics in a way in which they do not touch the site of piercing.

Changing your nose jewelry

Do not be in a hurry to open your first nose jewellery and sport something fancier. It is advisable to wait for the puncture to heal completely—before inserting any other barbell, ring or nose stud.

Dealing with Potential Bumps

You have to deal with all potential bubbles or bumps in a careful manner. So, if you have any variations of bumps such as keloids, pus/fluid filled items or granulomas, rush to a medical expert immediately.

You must never pop or pierce a bump, as your irresponsible act may lead to bacterial infection and other serious issues connected with contamination. Hot compresses help in alleviating the pains and symptoms connected with a keloid or granuloma. Vitamin E oil and lavender oil are very helpful in treating keloids at home. If nothing seems to help and your bumps keep getting more painful and bigger, just contact your dermatologist for help.

Valuable Tips and Guidelines

  •  Use your middle finger and pointer to hold back your nose like that of a pig’s snout This will aid your cleaning process and help you take a good look at what you are doing.
  • After your piercing has healed completely, you still need to clean the freshly punctured site thoroughly. Use warm water and a clean cotton swab to clean the areas on the outside, inside and around the stud. Wait for the warm water to cool down a bit, before you go ahead with the cleaning process.
  • Do not touch the nose bar or twist the same, as it may come out. Use hand gel or a sanitizer on your hands before removing the nose bar or changing jewellery. This restricts any bacterial invasion and removes all chances of an infection.
  •  Use one side of your cotton swab to clean the outside of the nose piercing and other to clean the interior. After use, remember to throw away the cotton swab/ bud instantly

The process is to be repeated at least twice a day—preferably after a bath in the morning and once before you go to bed. The other points to remember are:

  • Wait for two months before changing your nose jewelry. Your piercing expert is the best person to visit, when you plan to alter the look of your nose piercing. They use sterilized tools and lotions to help you remove the initial piece and put the next one in place.
  • Do not use petroleum based products like Neosporin. Also, resist from over using alcohol, peroxide, or swabs of pure iodine on the affected area.
  •  People with sensitive skin need to take extra precautions and clean the areas around the piercing more than 2- times a day.

Way Forward…

Nose Ring

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A nose ring is an interesting means of changing the way you look and showcases your personality in the best possible way. With an exciting array of nose jewelry lining the racks of ornament stores and beauty salons, you can certainly look forward to enhancing the charm and aesthetic value of your face—and in more ways than one.

However, remember to take care!

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