The Essential Guide to Mens Earrings

Throughout history, earrings have been a large part of men’s fashion, and they have made a big leap in popularity recently. They have become a statement about how the man views himself. Men have never before had as many options as they do today when it comes to looking for different styles of earrings. In this guide, we will go over what to search for in earrings for men, popular materials and styles, and where you can find the best selection of earrings.

What To Search For in Mens Earrings

Mens Earrings

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If you haven’t noticed, certain types of earrings are linked to different music genres and the fashion that corresponds to that music. Studs and hoop style earrings are traditional styles of earrings that men have worn, and they can be divided by genre. Stud earrings are usually made out of diamonds, cubic zirconia, crystals, or gold. These types of materials are looked at as status symbols and are representative of rap and hip hop. On the other hand, stainless steel, titanium, silver, or barbells are associated with alternative or metal music genres. Old school earrings that have a single metal stud or gem are sometimes worn by country music fans or old guys.

We’ve talked about the style of the earring, but you must also look at how big and heavy the jewelry is. This is important when considering how well off or employed he may be. Even though earrings are more socially acceptable to wear as a man now, what is appropriate for bartenders or musicians may be looked at negatively if the person is a CEO or professor.

Different Types Of Mens Earrings


Studs earrings are post earring which appear to be free floating on the ear. They are made up of a rod that penetrates through the cartilage in the earlobe and they usually are adorned with something on the front. They typically will have a metal stud, symbol, or gemstone on the front. You can even buy stud earrings that have special skins which fit over the stud made from rubber or plastic. They might even light up or glow in the dark.


This type of earring is a circular or semi-circular hollow circle that penetrates the ear lobe with a post or wire. They are usually made from a hollow tube that has a wire permanently attached that is secured on the ear using a wire that goes through the hole in the ear lobe.


Barbells look exactly how you’d expect them to look. But they also may be bent as wall. Straight barbells are generally used for piercing the body, but smaller gauged barbells are used for piercing ear cartilage. They can be all different sizes. Long ones are usually used for industrial piercings. These go from the top of the ear across the front, and out the other side. They are closed by screwing on a ball to the threaded end, so they are pretty secure. This type of earrings is also commonly used on tragus piercing.

Novelty Earrings

This type of earring is made in every single style. It is a broad term for an attachment or skin which fits over balls or studs and can be changed whenever the wearer feels like it. Some novelty earrings that you might see may include skulls, guns, cartoon characters, or other shapes. Other choices are edgy handcuffs or dolphins.

Spacers or Plugs

Spacers are also known as plugs, gaps or flesh tunnels (gross) but they all do the same thing. They are solid cylinders that go into the piercing in the lower earlobe and stay in place due to the flares on either side of the cylinder. They may also be hollow in the middle. These sometimes are referred to as bullet holes. Men typically will get progressively bigger earrings and increase the “gauge” of the earring. The earrings typically increase in size by a couple millimeters. Gauging the ear is a gradual process. Men will keep gauging the ear until they reach their personally desired size.

Magnetic Earrings

Yes, these exist. Magnet earrings are for those who don’t have the courage to go into a piercing shop and their ears pierced. They are similar to stud earring but they obviously don’t go through the flesh of the ear. They stay in place using a magnet that is placed in the back of the earlobe.

Clip On Earrings

This is another alternative type of earring that doesn’t involve piercing the ear. A clip on earring holds onto the lobe of the ear with a hinged clip. These earring typically have a charm or dangle attached to them.

When NOT To Wear Earrings

Mens Earrings

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There are certain cases where men shouldn’t wear earrings. As much as you might appreciate the sparkle in your ears, it is simply not practical to wear them in certain situations. For one, you shouldn’t wearing them while working out or playing sports. All of this activity can create a lot of sweat, and your earrings will get dirty. Also, there is a greater risk of injuring yourself if your earring gets caught on a piece of clothing or sports equipment. If you get hit in the side of a head while playing a game of pick up basketball, it isn’t going to feel good, but if you have earrings in, it could lead to an injury. Just think about how painful it was to get your ears pierced to begin with, then think how that would feel if you multiplied it by ten. You don’t want more holes in your ear than necessary.

Mens earrings reflect the person’s lifestyle and/or personal taste. There are plenty of different styles that are sometimes associated with a musical genre, but it really comes down to the preference of the individual. When choosing mens earrings to buy, a man should consider his lifestyle, employment, and level of comfort.


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