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Lip piercing is an artistic form of body art where one delicately inserts jewelry into their lips. This fashion craze is quickly gaining popularity amongst the youth, especially women who are always looking for new ways of enhancing their beauty. Though most of these pendants are attractive, they should only be applied in moderation for effectiveness. Some people have the habit of filling the whole mouth with massive lip rings as if their lives depended on it, this is not recommended as it can interfere with one’s ability to eat or talk.

There are various designs that people can consider such as Monroe piercings, Labret piercings, Medusa piercings, Spider Bite piercings, Dahlia and Horizontal piercing. Each of them is administered differently and has a unique healing pattern-though in most cases full recovery occurs between 1-3 months. Users can also choose to insert double ring sets for more aesthetic value. Nevertheless, this process should be done carefully to avoid infection of the open wounds.

Aftercare Tips for Lip Ring Piercing

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1.  Apply hot saline soaks on the affected part at least twice in a day.

Soak the wound for about 5 minutes with mild saline solution to alleviate any lymph or blood residues that may have been deposited on the jewelry. You can also remove excess matter using soft soap solution such as Castile.

 2.  Avoid turning or rotating jewelry on fresh piercing.

It can irritate the wound and cause swellings and this may ultimately increase the healing time. Diluted salt water or mouthwash can be used immediately after meals to remove food debris; this can be accompanied with regular tooth brushing to ensure the piercings remain clean.

3.  Check your diet.

Avoid taking solid food, drinks or smoking cigarettes during the first 3hrs after incision, alcohol and drugs are also not recommendable since they have properties that slow down the clotting process.

4.  Use lozenges and adhesives on the piercings.

During the first 2 weeks after fixing the lip rings, you can use anti-inflammatory lozenges such as Difflam-C. They help in reducing the chances of bacterial infection on the piercings. Ibuprofen may also be taken to alleviate tenderness and pain on the affected.

 5.  Take Zinc and Vitamin B supplements.

They are popular amongst those who pierce their lips for fashion, it’s even better to start taking them several months before inserting the rings. These nutrients have properties that help in closing open wounds around the lip. One is also advised not to share plates, utensils or cups with others since it increases the chances of infection.

6.  Try eating cold snacks like frozen yogurt, ice cream or crushed ice during the first two weeks.

They help in reducing inflammation and foster quick recovery, you can also dry it with safe absorbent paper like tissues or gauze, avoid cotton towels since they have more propensity of harboring bacteria.

7.  Don’t try to remove or interchange lip rings during the healing process.

The hole usually closes fast and it can be painful to later reinsert the beauty pendants again. Nevertheless, if it’s a-must for one to remove them then contact a professional piercer from a respectable piercing shop who can take them out without causing unnecessary tissue damage.

8.  The best type of piercing for beginners is the inner-thread stud design.

Note that other insertions are usually not done with high-grade material and may be quite uncomfortable, especially if you are not used to this practice. If you experience any problems during insertion then consult with a qualified dentist, the expert can recommend an appropriate after care program to fast-track the healing process.

9.  Research and find the best lip piercing studios in your area

Ask friends and family for referrals if they have used these services before. After making a list of potential ones, visit them personally to assess their level of hygiene before finally choosing the best center. For instance, a good studio should have all its needles sterilized prior to operation.

10.  A successful insertion should not cause heavy bleeding

Bleeding rarely occurs when the procedure is done by a professional, but some scar tissues may develop and take some time to heal. Remember to clean the hands thoroughly before touching your lips to avoid infection.


lip rings

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Lip rings can nowadays be custom-made and inserted by experts. Nonetheless, before piercing the lips one should know how much the whole procedure would cost, including after-care cleaning and maintenance. Never use a quack to conduct this process as he may cause permanent dama

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