7 Life-saving Tips on Hip Piercings

Hip piercings are the latest fashion statement in town. Almost everyone who loves experimenting with new styles and ideas is looking to have this simple procedure done. So, how do you ensure that your piercing comes out well? Follow these 7 life-saving tips always.

7 Ways to Ensure Your Hip Piercings Come Out Nicely

hip piercings

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Tip One: Choose the right studio

The increasing popularity of hip piercings has a lot of ill-informed and unqualified merchants coming on board just to make a quick buck. Therefore, lots of caution should always be exercised when choosing a piercer. Note that unlike nurses and medics who undergo formal training, all one needs to open a body piercing shop  or studio is simply the registration of the operating premises. These requirements are often too lenient. So always do proper research before choosing a studio. Ask for referrals from friends and accomplices who have had this procedure done before.

Tip Two: No room for doubt

Once you find an ideal studio, schedule an appointment with them prior to taking the operation. This will provide you with a perfect platform to get clarifications on any information you’re in doubt about. Ask questions

  • How do you sterilize your equipment?
  • Do you use single disposable needles?
  • Do you have a license issued by the local health department?
  • Do you provide your customers with after-piercing advice?

Make sure you’re comfortable before giving them the green light to pierce your hips.

Tip Three: How to clean the piercing

Use sterile saline solution (additive free) or a non-iodized sea salt solution. Dissolve a quarter (1/4) teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm (preferable bottled) water. A solution that is too saline is not better as it may actually end up irritating the piercing. Alternatively, you can clean the pierced area using a mild soap with germicidal properties. Important Note: Always make sure that your hands are thoroughly cleaned before touching the piercing.

Cleaning method 1:

Soak a paper towel (or clean gauze) with saline water and apply to the piercing for five minutes. Be sure to rinse afterward to remove any residue.

Cleaning method 2:

Use mild anti-bacterial soap to soak the piercing once or twice every day. When bathing, lather up a small drop of the soap to clean the piercing and the jewelry. Don’t leave the lather on the piercing for more than 30 seconds.

Tip four: Rinsing and Drying

Carefully wipe the soap from the piercing. Don’t try to rotate the inserted jewelry through the piercing as this may lead to irritation. Use a disposable paper product to pat the whole area dry. Avoid using cloth towels as these can carry bacteria which may cause serious infections. If the soap you’re using is causing too much dryness, consider using milder soaps to ease the agitation to your piercing. Most importantly, minimize the time you spend patting the area dry; too much patting can strip some natural oils away from your skin and therefore leave you agitated.

Tip five: Lookout for abnormal symptoms

Normal Symptoms: It is normal to experience some bleeding, tenderness, bruising or localized swelling during the first few days after piercing. Mild itching and secretion of whitish-yellow fluid discoloration is also a normal occurrence as the hip tissue heals.

Abnormal Symptoms: If you notice unusual pain, burning sensation when the piercing is cleaned, wide-spread redness or a rash surrounding the piercing consult your health care provider; you could be allergic to the type of jewelry used.

Tip six: Healthy life with hip piercings

Your body will provide optimal conditions for you to heal only when you’re healthy. The best gift you can give yourself after a hip piercing procedure is to eat well and get lots of sleep. A good multi-vitamin product containing Vitamin C and zinc can help rev up your immune system.

Tip seven: What about swimming?

Whether its a body piercing or a nose ring, swimming pool water is filthy and that’s quite horrible for your new piercing. Chlorine definitely isn’t an ideal cleanser for piercings. You need to wait for at least 2 to 3 months for your piercing to heal completely before you can go swimming.  You should avoid using hot tubs as well.

Final Word

hip piercings

Originally posted by katereece.tumblr.com

If you want to enjoy your piercings for a long time, it’s crucial that you take utmost care of them before, during and after the operation. Heed our 7 tips and you’ll soon be a proud owner of the most gorgeous hip piercings in town.

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