Double Nose Piercing: What To Expect?

Nose piercings are fairly common, especially on women and young adults. If you want to amp up the style and stand out from the crowd, you may consider getting a double nose piercing. Many people have trouble picturing this and just assume it will look bad or too cluttered. Use the information here to put everyone’s concerns to rest.

What is a Double Nose Piercing?

Double Nose Peircing

A double nose piercing means having piercings done on both the left and right nostrils. You can either have them done at the same time, or you can have one done first then have the other one done a month or two later when the first piercing heals. If correctly done by a specialist, the piercings should not be painful, and all you should experience is a dull soreness and a bit of tenderness for a few days after the procedure.

Get a piercer, preferably from a respectable piercing shop,  who does doubles so that you have them both lined up properly. However, you may also want to consider how much room you have in each nostril. Many times you will find that you have more space on one nostril than the other (your nose might be a little uneven, like other body parts tend to be) and you will need to have them adjusted to ensure you are comfortable. Having your nose piercings done at the same time reduces the amount of pain you are likely to experience, but they may be a real pain to clean. If you have them done at the same time, when you try to clean one nostril you will have to significantly irritate the other nostril in the process. You may want to consider having one done first to allow them time to heal.

Why have a Double Nose Piercing?

Nose piercings have been practiced in various native communities and has been associated with sexual, emotional and romantic propositions. They were not only used for beautifying purposes, but also for adding value, especially in the marital life. The occultists also believed that the sixth sense of an individual is located above the upper end of a person’s nose. It is  believed to be the focal point from where brain waves are emitted, and was considered as a breathing regulator by aiding in the expulsion of carbon dioxide. The practice and reasoning behind having a nose piercing is different for every culture, but the running theme from all of them is that it is an excellent way of adding to the beauty of a woman.

Another prominent irrefutable reason for having your nose pierced on one or both nostrils is the close connection between the nose and sexual reflexes. In India, the first and fastest way to predict a person’s behavior is to look at their nose. In ancient times, it was thought that the nose and the genital areas of both men and females were connected and certain actions could stimulate or help to solve issues in the genital areas. In medical terms, during sexual excitement, the nasal spongy tissues swell and the nose gets congested. Piercing your nose on both sides has been theorized to increase sexual stimulation and increase arousal both in men and women.

Nose Rings and After Care

You can choose to have a nostril or septum piercing, or you can have a high nostril piercing. The high nostril piercing is done on the bridge of the nose, usually much higher than regular piercings. It usually requires more care than the usual nostril piercings, but it is actually not any more painful. It requires more after care since the area getting pierced is thicker than the usual nose piercing. It may develop internal swelling if proper care is not taken. It should go without saying that you should not handle or disturb the jewelry to avoid getting an infection. You are also advised to take a sea salt spray up your nose regularly for about a month, and do not touch the piercings with unwashed hands. Nostril piercings may take longer to heal, but they look excellent and are sure to get the heads turning when you walk by.

You will find a variety of nose rings from your local stores or online. Choices available include diamond nose rings, gold nose studs, nose ring screws, Surgical Steel nose rings, or clear nose rings. The choice is entirely up to you and what makes you feel good.

Regardless of what others think about your piercings, if you feel strongly about them, then I say go ahead and knock them dead. You will look great. If you are still not convinced, check out the hottest celebrities who have earrings, such as diamond stud earrings.


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