You Think Your Dimple Piercing is Safe? 5 Ways You Could Lose It

If you really want to turn heads, going to a piercing shop to get a dimple piercing just might be a good idea. People are definitely going to notice a really cool and unique looking piercing. Just be sure you are careful how you turn your own head. Moving your head just a little too quickly could lead to that investment in a piercing going all for naught because the piercing just might fall out.

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Okay, the chances of a piercing, even with piercings like microdermal piercings, just falling out are slim. It can happen though if the sun and the stars align the wrong way and you suffer from a bit of bad luck. Your piercing falls out and, gasp, ends up getting lost. Bad luck, bad situations, even, yes, a few bad habits could lead that vaunted piercing to drop right off your cheek. As the old saying goes, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. To help keep that piercing firmly planted in cheek, here are a few common ways a cheek piercing just might end up lost and how to avoid them.

Keep Your Chin Up and Your Piercing for a Dimple in Place

When it comes to keeping a piercing in place, there is a science to it. That means as long as you follow a few tried and true steps, the piercing should remain where it is supposed to be. Body piercings, like science, may have to contend with chaos theory though. Nonlinear dynamics are at play, but they can be controlled. In plain English speak, random events can lead to losing a piercing but, as long as you are aware of the risks of these events, you can take steps to be on the lookout for them. The following list just might help the cause.

You Didn’t Put It In Properly

Yes, you may deserve the proverbial booby prize if you lose your dimple piercing because it was not put in the right way. More than likely, this is among the most common ways people lose their piercing art. The clock is ticking and you have to get out the door because being fashionably late to a rave is not your style. So, you cut corners and put the piercing in place all in a huff. The next day, it just ain’t there.

Sometimes, you just got to take your time…so take your time! Be sure the piercing is properly put into place. Rush jobs can mean lost piercings.

You Get Hit Right in the Face

Ouch! This is probably the worst way to lose a dimple piercing outside of someone just outright ripping it out. (Let us not go there) Try to avoid getting into scuffles or else one punch can lead you to losing your piercing and worse. When trouble is brewing, follow the great advice of the Lord Humongous from the Mad Max movies. Just walk away. You’ll save yourself a lot of pain and also a bit of money on a new piercing.

Scratching at or Playing with the Piercing

Sometimes, you really do have to keep your hands to yourself. This is not always easy if you are feeling bored or anxious. It may even be less easy if something about the piercing is bothering you. The thing here is a piercing really should not be touched unless you are putting it in or taking it out. Touching the piercing could lead to the screw or other components becoming loose and prone to falling out. The running theme here is we want to avoid any actions that can dislodge a piercing. So do not touch your dimples or your piercings!

Slipping, Tripping, and Falling

Hey, watch where you are going! You might slip, fall, and lose your dimple piercing. Okay, there are a few things to worry about if you slip and fall such as skinning your knee or otherwise hurting yourself. You may lose a piercing if it abrasively rubs across the ground. No, this is no a nice thing to think about but it is worth being aware of just in case you want to keep all your joints, bones, and piercings in place.

The Jewelry on the Piercing is Broken and Falls Off

Do not become too enamored with your jewelry and piercing that you ignore reality. Damaged piercings should be removed. If you can get them fixed, do so. You have to have possession of the piercing jewelry to have repairs done, which is not going to be possible if something is outright lost.

Protect Your Investment

dimple piercing

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Getting a dimple piercing is an investment. No, it is not just a monetary investment. You are also going to be investing some sentiment into a particular piece of piercing jewelry art. Do not allow your favorite selection to be lost easily. Follow the simple tips presented herein to avoid any mishaps.

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