7 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Care for Your Diamond Stud Earrings

Just like any other precious object, diamond jewelry should be well protected and cared for. Although diamonds are known to be the strongest natural substance, they still crack, dull, and even break. Different substances like grease, dust, soap, oils from your skin, and dirt can form a coating over diamond jewelry, making it lose its luster over time. Similarly, a small forceful impact can shatter beautiful diamond jewelry. To keep diamond stud earrings appealing for a long time, you have to learn how to protect and clean them periodically. This article shares 7 ridiculously simple ways to care for your diamond stud earrings.

Protecting your diamond stud earrings

When engaging in any activity that might make your diamonds dirty, it is advisable to remove them. The activities that dirty and endanger a diamond include playing sports, gardening, washing dishes, or even going to the beach. After removing your stud earrings, you should store them in a soft pouch to avoid misplacing the valuable investment and to protect them as well.

Don’t Put on Your Diamond Earrings While Cleaning the House or Doing Any Other Heavy Work

They should also be kept away from the chlorine bleach because it can damage them. When storing diamond jewelry, you should ensure that they are not next to each other because they can scratch each other. The jewelry should not be touched too often because hands have body oils, which make diamonds dull.

Cleaning Your Diamond Stud Earrings

Like any other jewelry, diamonds gets smudged, dusty, and soiled. Natural oils from skin, lotions, soaps, and powders leave a film on diamond jewelry, reducing their brilliance by halting their ability to reflect light. Chemicals in the air also discolor and oxidize jewelry. Diamond stud earrings can be cleaned by soaking them regularly in a mild liquid detergent like those that have sodium lauryl ether sulfate. After soaking, you should then gently brush the jewelry using a small, soft brush. You should then rinse it well under water and then carefully wipe it with a soft but dry cloth. There are many jewelry cleaning solutions and cleaning kits on the market and you should be sure that the solution or kit you buy is the right one for the solution you wish to clean. Follow the instructions given on the kit or solution to ensure that you clean your diamond in the required way.

Insure Your Diamond Stud Earrings

When you buy highly valuable diamond earrings, the best thing you can do for yourself is to insure it in the event of loss or theft. Although renter’s and homeowner’s policies cover a certain percentage of lost jewelry, it is usually a very small proportion of the actual cost of the diamond jewelry. You should find out how much these policies cover and look for a policy that can cover the remaining proportion of the jewelry cost. When you decide on an insurance policy, find out the deductible amount and inquire whether the insurance covers the jewelry fully including partial damage or loss while in a different state. Most jewelry insurance providers ask for an appraisal, so you should make sure you have all appraisal reports required by the insurance company. You should read every detail of the coverage before paying anything. The insurance company may ask for updated appraisals after a given time, so you should be ready to have your diamond earring appraised every few years. Some jewelry insurance coverage gives discounts when you have an additional home security system, such as an alarm system. You should do thorough research and compare different companies before choosing an insurance provider.

Proper Mounting of the Diamond Stud Earring

Diamond Stud Earring

Good care of diamond jewelry starts with proper mounting. Proper mounting is determined by the shape of the earring. When the earring is properly mounted, its care becomes easier than when it is poorly mounted.

Have Your Diamond Earring Regularly Checked by a Certified Jeweler

Your diamond stud earrings should be regularly taken in for checkups and maintenance by a professional jeweler. This should be done either once or twice a year to maintain the luster of your diamond. Regular inspection ensures that the prongs that hold the diamond are in good condition and that the overall condition of the jewelry is good. The expert will identify flaws after inspecting the jewelry and state whether the problem may worsen. Maintenance of the jewelry is not mandatory but it helps prolong the beauty and lifetime of your earring.

Wearing the Earrings After You Are Done with Everything Else

To make your diamond stud earrings last longer, ensure that it is always the last item you put on. If the right order is not followed, your diamonds will become dull as a result of several factors. First, the hair products you use are likely to coat the earrings and change their shiny appearance. Perfumes and lotions also have the same effect.


Diamond stud earrings are beautiful, and if they are taken care of and protected, they remain sparkling for a long time. Basically, all you need to do is to do regular cleaning and have them checked by a certified jeweler at least once per year. Regular inspection is a good way to prove the worth of your earrings, especially when making claims to your insurance provider. When storing your diamond earrings, make sure that you store them in their own compartment of the jewelry box to avoid scratching. The box should also be soft sided for maximum protection. Follow the above ridiculously simple steps to care for your diamond stud earrings and prolong their life.

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