Diamond Earrings Buying Guide: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

A gift of diamond earrings is luxurious and thoughtful. Many people find the prospect of buying diamond earrings intimidating however and are unsure of what to look for when making their purchase. Thankfully, the process is not as complicated as many people imagine and does not require an in-depth knowledge. One of the most well-known sayings in the diamond jewelry industry is ‘the four Cs’. The four Cs refer to four common considerations to keep in mind when purchasing diamonds. These considerations form the basis of the following advice on picking perfect diamond jewelry.

Common Mistakes When Buying Diamond Earrings

As much as we might like to be, few of us are in a position where we are regularly purchasing diamond stud earrings and jewelry! Due to this unfamiliarity, many people are intimidated by the prospect of purchasing diamonds and are unsure of the common mistakes to avoid. Often advice is given by the retailer of the diamond jewelry who obviously have a vested interest in steering the customer towards the most profitable sale possible. The following five mistakes are some of the most common errors people make when selecting diamonds.

Mistake #1 – Not Considering Color

Many people believe that diamonds are all colorless and to the untrained eye, they may in fact appear that way. This is not actually the case. Under close examination, it becomes apparent that many diamonds are actually slightly tinted, typically in various shades of yellow or brown. A lack of color in a diamond is one of the more desirable aspects of it as it allows the light to pass through the diamond giving it much of its beauty. Because of this, the closer a diamond is to colorless, the more valuable it becomes. Many jewelers assign diamonds a letter grade. The closer to the start of the alphabet, the less colorful, and therefore more valuable, the diamond is.

Aside from the basic color concerns outlined above, there are some diamonds which possess rare and exotic colors such as pink or blue. Within the industry diamonds such as these are typically referred to as “fancy.” They are far less common than regular, clear diamonds and are worth much more as a result. Most diamond jewelry will contain the regular type of diamond but if a customer is willing to pay a premium then it is possible to obtain jewelry adorned with the rarer, fancier diamonds.

Mistake #2 – Not Considering Clarity

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The reason that diamonds are renowned for being so breathtakingly beautiful is due to their structure allowing light to pass through them. It is for this reason that diamonds give off such an impressive effect under the light. Any flaw that impedes the progress of light through the diamond hampers its ability to sparkle in such a brilliant way. Such impediments are typically referred to within the diamond industry as inclusions. They are often imperceptible or able to be concealed by the way the diamond is cast.

The purer a diamond is, in terms of having fewer inclusions, leads to it having greater clarity. The greater the clarity of a diamond, the higher its value, and more impressive its visual brilliance. When selecting earrings adorned with diamonds it is therefore important to keep this consideration in mind in order to get the best looking diamonds possible.

Mistake #3 – Not Considering Carat

Carat is the term associated with diamonds that most people are at least somewhat familiar with. A lot of people wrongly feel that carat denotes the physical size of the diamond, but this is actually not the case. In actual fact, carat references the weight of the diamond. Although it may generally be true that heavier diamonds are physically larger, it is not always the case as heavier diamonds may be denser but physically smaller than larger diamonds of a lesser carat.

Many people will base their purchase of diamond jewelry with carat as the key determining factor. While it is of course important it needs to be balanced alongside the other considerations given in this article. One of the key mistakes people make when selecting diamond jewelry is to focus only on the carat without even considering concerns such as clarity and color. This would be the equivalent of a person buying wine purely on its strength rather than its taste or color.

Mistake #4 – Not Considering Cut

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The cut of a diamond can refer to two separate aspects of it. Firstly, the cut can refer to the way in which a diamond is transformed from its natural, rough state into a shape that can be used for items such as jewelry. The way in which a rough diamond is cut has a direct impact upon the level of radiance and sparkle that a diamond is able to give off under the light. It is often the case that cheaper diamonds are badly cut and therefore less visually impressive than their more expensive counterparts.

The cut of a diamond can also refer to the actual shape of the diamond once it is prepared for use. Some of the more common cuts of this type involve the princess cut and the round brilliant cut. It is worth asking your jeweler to see the various cuts side by side in order to determine which is more desirable.

Mistake #5 – Not Considering Ethics

It is a sad fact of life that many nations have an unethical diamond trade. Many people are familiar with the term blood diamonds which refer to diamonds sourced through conflict and other unethical means. Thankfully, there are plenty of diamonds that have proof of ethical sourcing. It is always worth asking a jeweler for proof of a diamond’s ethical history in order to shop with a conscience as clear as the diamond itself. Avoid buying from piercing shops or jewelry stores that get diamonds that were acquired through unethical means.

Final Thoughts On The Perfect Purchase

By avoiding the five mistakes outlined above it is possible to find a great looking pair of diamond earrings as a special present to yourself or a loved one. Diamonds are often the most expensive jewelry that a person will purchase, so taking the time to find the perfect pair of earrings for men or women is well worth it.

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