The Complete Guide to Monroe Piercing

When it comes to body art and jewelry, there are various styles and designs to pick from. Body piercings have become a more common form of body art and are way simpler than tattoos. They are less permanent and there is a wider array of choices to pick from. Different piercings have different levels of risks, pain, and healing difficulties. Some of the more common piercings include earlobe piercing, gauging, cartilage, industrial, Tragus piercing, antitragus, conch, rook, snag, Monroe piercing, belly piercings, nipple piercings, double nose piercing and other body part piercings.

What is a Monroe Piercing?

Monroe Piercing

A less popular, but still equally stunning form of body piercing is the Monroe. It is done to resemble birth marks as seen on various artists such as Cindy Crawford, Marilyn Monroe, and Madonna. This piercing is a lip piercing that is done off center just above the upper left side of the face. The piercings are meant to simulate a mole or a beauty mark and will vary in location by the particular individual. It is usually ornamented with a stud instead of a ring to resemble a birthmark.

Another variant of this piercing is the Angel bite (also known as the crayfish) which is a double version of the piercing (Madonna and Monroe) worn on both sides of the upper lip. You can wear long barbells in these piercing to look like a crayfish, hence the popular name.

Why Monroe Piercing?

One of the biggest advantages of having a Monroe Piercing is that it heals much faster than other kinds of piercings. This is because lip wounds generally heal much faster than other kinds of wounds. The estimated healing time recommended by most professional piercers for this kind of piercing is anywhere between 7 and 12 weeks, but you will find that it heals in between 3 and 6 weeks.

It is a very easy process with a quick healing period, but the pain levels will usually vary from individual to individual. For people with larger, thicker lips or facial muscles that are well exercised, you may experience more discomfort due to the fact that there will be more muscle and nerves to pierce through (ouch). Men may also find that the piercing is slightly more painful for them than it is for women. Shaving generally makes the skin around the lip tougher and hence it may be slightly more painful for men to get this piercing. However, regardless of the pain level, it is still a very easy and quick process and most piercers can perform it without too much hassle.

What Jewelry is Worn on the Monroe Piercing?

The most common jewelry worn on the Monroe piercing is the Labret stud. It is a post jewel that is screwed into the flat disc shaped base of the stud. Its disc lies snugly against the inner part of your lip ensuring the post is held in place. Another common jewelry is the dumbbell which is worn when one has two piercings on either side of the lip and it looks like a crayfish. It is less common, but still has a stunning effect.

Aftercare and Drawbacks of the Piercing

This kind of piercing will require a lot of facial and oral aftercare to ensure both sides of the jewelry are clean. Use of sea salts, both internally and externally, is highly recommended. This kind of piercing can be a bit more painful than most other piercings because the lip has a huge system of nerves and there is a slight risk that you may end up piercing the superior labial artery which is located just above the upper lip. This kind of piercing has also been associated with long term damage to the teeth and gums due the rubbing action of the back disk that is worn in the piercing. If not well taken care of, it could lead to gum recession or damage to the tooth enamel. You may also notice that the skin around the piercing may try to grow around the disk base and if this happens, removal of the stud may become very painful. Remove it before it does.

Sometimes to minimize the damage that can be caused by this kind of piercing, you may be advised to wear a plastic Labret stud (after all, your smile is one of the most stunning features about you. Why lose it over a simple piercing?). To minimize the potential of complications, it is highly advisable that you go to a piercing shop and get some professional help.


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