What Everybody Ought to Know About Belly Bars

As navel piercings get more common, you find a variety of stylish colorful belly bars available at both online and offline stores. They look trendy and fashionable, and can make a woman feel great about flaunting her flat tummy. And because they come in such a massive range of styles, colors, and materials, everyone can find that perfect piece of jewelry that best expresses their personality.

But wait, stylish as they may be, belly piercings are not 100% risk free. While you may have taken care to choose a good piercing shop to get the piercing done (probably even a trained doctor to pierce your belly), the risk for infection is still high. That’s why it becomes even more important to choose the right design in belly bars. They shouldn’t just be stylish; they also need to be comfortable enough to be worn 24/7, and be just the right size, or the waistband of your jeans can constantly rub against the bar and irritate the skin to cause a serious infection.

Accentuate your Flat Tummy with Belly Bars

Belly Bars

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Some call belly bars the ‘Ultimate Jewelry’ to accentuate your navel piercing; they certainly are far more popular that navel rings. But how exactly does one go about choosing the right design and material? And what are the risks involved if you don’t make this decision all too carefully? Let’s find out!

A belly bar is shaped like a barbell; the stud or stone will sit comfortably in the belly button, and other end will come out through another piercing done either above or below the belly button. These come in a range of shapes and materials, and choosing the right one for you will depend a lot on your taste, needs and style statement.

Materials used to make belly bars:

A lot of materials are used to make stylish belly bars. Metals, acrylics and plastics are all common. However, the important thing to keep in mind is how your skin reacts to a particular material. Some women are allergic to metals, while others find acrylic belly bars irritate their skin. Keep in mind your body’s ‘Biocompatibility’ when you choose belly jewelry. How to do that? Think carefully if your ear piercings and nose piercing is allergic to some material. Maybe you found that your piercings get infected if you wear anything apart from silver or gold for too long? That means your body isn’t biocompatible with any other material for prolonged wear. While it is easy to change your earrings often so that you can even wear trendy designs in materials that aren’t exactly biocompatible with your body for just an evening out, the same is not true for belly piercings. Hence, its best to stick with a material that you know wouldn’t react with your skin and increase risk of infections. While gold, stainless steel, niobium and platinum are all common, one of the most popular materials used to make belly bars is titanium. It’s light in weight and more durable than even steel. It’s biocompatible and least likely to cause allergic reactions for most women, and is the best choice for women with highly sensitive skin or hard-to-heal piercings. Also, it comes in a wide range of styles, designs, sizes and colors so you are sure to find something you’d be proud to flaunt!

Taking care of your belly bar:

When you get a new belly piercing and buy a stylish belly bar, make sure that you take all necessary precautions to help heal the piercing site faster. Belly piercings can take as long as 4 months to heal, and some women have reported that theirs didn’t heal completely until 12 months. To hasten the healing process and avoid a risk of infection in the time being, make sure that you always wash and disinfect your hands before touching your belly bar. Keep the piercing clean by washing it gently with soap 2-3 times in a day. Keep rotating the piece of jewelry gently through the day, so as to avoid crusting. Make sure that you wear lose clothing that doesn’t rub against the belly bar, as that can irritate the skin and cause scaring.

Wearing a new belly bar:

Now, most women get bored of wearing the same jewelry day in and day out, and the same holds true for belly piercing jewelry as well. While it’s highly recommended that you wear the same belly bar for at least 4 months after you get the belly pierced, there is no reason why you can’t change your belly jewelry afterwards. However, every time you buy belly bars or belly rings, make sure that the design will not irritate your piercing. Take into account the kind of clothes you wear; tight waistbands can rub against a belly bar with a protruding head that sits within the piercing, while low waist pants can irritate the skin where the bar comes out of the skin bellow the navel. Make sure that when you change your jewelry, you disinfect the new belly bar before you insert it in the piercing. Also double check that the ball closure is tightly closed. Sometimes, strenuous activities can cause the ball closure to come off and even tear out the skin! So make sure you check it several times a day to ensure the jewelry is closed tight.

Is it safe to wear belly bars when pregnant?

Belly Bars

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A lot of pregnant women who wear belly bars worry that these can pass off infection to their baby. If your belly piercing is completely healed and is not oozing, bleeding or sore, there is no reason to worry. Your navel is where you were connected to your mother when in the womb, not the site where your baby is connected to you. So there is minimal chance of any pathogens reaching your baby through a belly piercing.

However, if you find that your belly bar is becoming uncomfortable as your tummy grows in size and the skin is tautly stretched, it may be best to remove the jewelry until you have your baby. While it will not make your baby sick, the jewelry can cause discomfort and soreness because it becomes too tight. If you want to continue wearing naval jewelry throughout your pregnancy, there are specially designed barbells for this purpose. They are longer and flexible to grow with your belly.

It’s stylish, it’s sexy, and it’s the perfect way to add an edge to your look. So go ahead and get your belly pierced and then choose from the wide variety of belly bars available to flaunt your new piece of bling!

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