Anti Tragus Piercing: 11 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Improve it

You may have heard a few horror stories about the anti tragus piercing. Have you still been considering getting one? Good, because they look awesome and I’m here to tell you that there doesn’t have to be anything scary about this style of piercing at all. It just requires a little bit of extra knowledge going into the piercing and taking care of it afterwards. I’m here to help. Follow these 10 simple suggestions and I bet you don’t have any problems at all

Oh, for those new to this piercing and were wondering: the anti tragus piercing is an ear piercing in the upper cartilage of the ear lobe directly across from the tragus. I hope that helps! Take a glance at a few photos of the piercing online if you’re unclear of where we are talking about.

11 Ways to Improve the Anti Tragus Piercing

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Armed with these ideas your piercing will look great, heal quickly and turn heads in admiration as long as you apply them. Skip any or all and you may be in for a tragus nightmare!

1. Make Sure Your Piercing Fits Your Face Structure

Like tragus piercings, the anti tragus is one of the piercings that doesn’t work for everyone. Take a look at your face structure. What do you think? Now ask an honest friend and your piercer. You want to make 100% sure it will look good before you dive in and get it. The potential pain of the piercing and the dedication you will need to keep it healthy makes it something you don’t want to do on a whim!

2. Pick Gold or Sterling Silver for Your Initial Piercing

There’s a chance your anti tragus, like any other new piercing, could get infected if you don’t pay proper attention to it. Plastic is porous which means any sort of blood or secretions could contaminate the plastic. Keep this in your ear and an infection will quickly follow. Skip these problems by going with gold or sterling silver for your initial piercing and don’t switch off to something else until it heals.

3. A Ring is the Best Choice

Along with making a smart choice on what your piercing is constructed of, choosing the right design can also save you from unnecessary headaches. Go with a simple ring. Other options such as stud earrings can be explored later; but for now the ring is the easiest to keep clean and will heal the quickest. This is a piercing that’s far from typical, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep it simple with what you wear in it until your body adjusts to the anti tragus.

4. Don’t Touch Your Piercing with Your Fingers

Please pay close attention here. Resist the urge to touch and play with your new piercing. This is not a part of your ear you want to get infected, trust me. If you end up pushing dead cells into your open wound you will end up being very sorry.

5. Use a 2 Step Cleaning Process

Cleaning this piercing as well as possible is vital for you to really get the most out of it. If not you are going to be seriously distracted by pain and maybe even infection. Use anti bacterial soup and a q-tip for the first step. For the second step clean it again with a q-tip and water with sea salt. This may seem like a bit much, but it’s worth it. Your piercing will heal much, much quicker.

6. Plan on Cleaning Often for the First few Weeks

Two or three cleaning sessions a day are a must for the first few weeks. Aim for three, but never, ever go below two for more than a day. Most people who end up crying online about problems with their anti tragus piercing were lazy about cleaning often enough. Don’t be one of these people!

7. Sleep on Your Back or Your Opposite Side

There’s nothing that quite irritates this piercing like sleeping on it and tossing and turning all night. That’s a recipe for disaster. Sleep on your opposite side, your back or your stomach. You will thank yourself for this self-discipline later, believe me.

8. Expect Pain

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This is a piercing that most people consider one of the more painful ear piercings. Expect that in advance and tough it out. No one wants to be the person who embarrasses themselves by overreacting when getting a piercing. There are plenty of 16 year old girls with the anti tragus. If they can tough it out, you can too.

9. Go to a Professional Piercer

It’s strongly suggested you go to a professional who has done this piercing many times to get your piercing. You can find a professional by looking for respected piercing shops around your area. It’s a bad spot to have someone practicing on for many reasons; unless you are a masochist. If that’s your thing your wish for pain is likely to be fulfilled when an amateur pokes through your cartilage. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

10. Use a Hollow Piercing Needle

Okay, if you ignore our last tip and have your friend do the piercing or try to do it yourself, make sure a hollow needle is being used. There’s no other safe and smart option for the anti tragus, if you want to avoid infection. Again, it’s a much better choice to go to a professional, but if not use a hollow needle.

11. Keep an eye on the Piercing Blogs and Forums

This is a piercing that’s talked about by those in the know pretty frequently on piercing blogs and forums. Keep an eye on the discussions and see if you can pick out some tips that may be things you want to try or do. Of course, you can’t believe everything you read in a forum post so always keep your thinking cap on and practice discretion. It’s your body and needs to be respected.

Now You’re Ready for the Anti Tragus!

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Keep these smart and simple tips in mind and you’re going to love your anti tragus. It’s a great looking piercing that’s made even better since it requires some thought to keep healthy. You know if you see someone with one they take their body mods seriously and that’s a good thing! Good luck and thanks for checking us out.

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